Kami and Zeke


So,I’m progressing on Zeke and Kame’s story. I’ve talked about it for a year but it’s just a short story.  What it’s about is an immortal fairy who is damaged and has friends who wings were mutilated in their teen years by some demons who hate fairies. The story opens with the reasoning to hate immortality and how Kami has been bored and scared for almost a century. There’s a plot of Kami dealing with her pain all the wrong ways,  like feys get drunk off cream and she goes to a club and gets drunk.  The story is set in wintertime with snow in an unnamed state in the south.


Saving Up to Move Out and Writing Goals


So I’ve been a very bad saver and writer the past three months. I’ve been a bad saver because I’ve been dipping into to my savings but I’m getting back on track. I do believe in treating myself every now and then but I’ll make that treat something cheap. Move out date is planned for June 2015 and will either be nine or 12 month lease. I’ll be 35 in nine months and I’d like to give birth to a new career and a new me.

I’ve been slacking on my writing and every time I walk into YA book section in Target or Books-A-Million and read the summary on the back of the book I feel tingle in my brain saying “Write it. You can do it!” I think I of people reading Kami and Zeke’s story and hating it but I also think of reading and falling in love with them. I know people are gonna say “Oh this is the black version of ________”  It’s going to be my version of a story that I’ve been writing for two years. I’ve got a lot of work to do in a short time. I’m not made for corporate America but I can adapt well, unfortunately. Well in two years or so I will be debt-free and writing for a living and my hair will be love fuchsia and purple.

A Creative Soul


My mom likes to say that I’m eccentric. I tend to follow the beat of my own drummer. I’ve said it many times I’m not made for corporate America. I write short stories that are fiction. Ideas run through my head all day long for stories. I have so many things I need to do in 2015. #1 I need to save up enough money to move out of folks house, #2 I plan on paying off most of my debt by the end of 2015. I won’t stop writing and yesterday I did write a story based on a picture of a stack of pancakes and bacon. The more I think of how limiting the corporate world is for creative people the harder I’ll work to make my dream a reality. I reached out to writer whose books I discovered via Goodreads.com. Writer Pepper Pace advised that she still works a day job but that the goal is touch people through your writing not to get rich, even though the latter would be awesome.

Even though I have this blog I’m a pretty private person. I’m debating on using a pen name. It’s crazy but there a few writers who use pen names and still let the world know what they look like. I wish as adults that we wouldn’t down others who pursue their dreams in their 30s,40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. Why knock someone for still working toward their dream? Yes it’s scary to take a leap of faith but at the moment I want to see how my writing is received by others online. Wish me luck kiddies.

Write or Die Chick Part 2


I realize now that when you have no bills that you’re a free soul. You are the most you can be in your life. I had six months between when I graduated from college in April 2010 to October 2010 where I wasn’t really trying to find a job. My dad paid my bills for those six months and it sucked. I should’ve been writing but I was just slacking on the internet.  I had no idea about the e-book revolution and what opportunities are out there for writers. I’m working on being confident in writing because the goal is to let people know that everyone black American writer doesn’t have the same life experiences to incorporate in fiction. For instance I grew up in the suburbs so that’s what I know. I’m starting to get more comfortable writing about the human experience and supernatural fiction. I’m learning that when I set goals and actively work toward those goals I can achieve. My goal in April 2014 was to have a new better job before my 34th birthday. It happened now I have to work smarter. My passion is writing and even though my cookout short story is probably gonna be wrapped up in 10 pages. I just can’t make it 1000 words. Does this make me a bad writer. It’s just a pet project for me but I’m gonna submit it to contest. Wish me luck.

Moving out 2015


So my best friend and I are talking about becoming roommates in either spring or June of  2015. This will give us more than enough time to save up money and in my case pay of my credit cards and other debt. As some of you know from other blog posts I will pray fully be earning a living off selling my short fiction stories.  Of course I can’t quit my day job because that’s insane but hey I’m walking by faith in all areas of my life now. I’m telling you it’s scary but I’m going to be super thrifty to save and pay off my debt. After my credit cards are paid off I’m gonna kill the my other debt. With working on earning a living solely from writing stories and paying off my debts this is a serious faith year of faith living and trusting in God. I’d just to say that faith without works is dead so I’ve got to work at everything because God’s not gonna hand me what I want in life.

Write or Die Chick


Writing a story is the best thing I can do in my life. It’s also the most terrifying thing I can do. Short stories are insane because I want to add a picture of the characters but have my story wrapped in pretty pink bow. For instance I’m 483 words into a story about Christmas cookout where things don’t go as planned. I know the concept is crazy but hey I grew up in Florida. I don’t know if it’s okay to give characters real personalities for a three to five page story but I hope that’s okay. I’m not the best writer but it’s a craft that I’m working on and will become better.

I’m old school when it comes to creating a story; I always start to create with pen to one of my many composition books. As newbie in the writing field of publishing. I have so many questions about if I’m going about this the wrong way. I want to make writing my livelihood soon. Tomorrow I’m attending a writer’s workshop after work so hopefully this will help my craft.

Writing is and will be my life


Starting today November 4,2014 I will write two to five short stories a week. Yes that’s about 20 stories a month! I need writing to be my escape and I pray for this to be a fulfilling career. I like to learn new things but I feel like I’m stuck. I’ll be 35 next year. I’ve got to do better in my life. I feel trapped when I know it’s in God’s hands and he already knows what’s gonna happen next in my life.

Letting Defeat Be In Control


I made a mistake at work. I work for a credit union so there’s no room for mistakes. I get flustered when questioned and all in all it ruined my day. I am always scared at work. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was asleep for three hours when I woke up at 1 a.m.  So I watched “The Simpson’s” for bit and then I started talking to God. I don’t know why he put me in my job. I’m in fight or flat flight mode and I’m ready to fly when I should fight. If I can make it for another three months I’ll be okay. I’m scared again.  I feel like while I’m working I should save as much money as possible and to write as much as possible. If I can sell a few stories I know what’s up! I’m using writing prompts BTW. Wish me luck.

Day # 1 The New Me


Today is a new day and for some reason at 34 I know what I want in my life. My career is not to be chained to a desk answer phone calls all day. I am a writer! I write strange stories about outcasts trying to achieve their purpose in their life or afterlife. I’m reading  everything I can: urban fantasy, mysteries, YA fiction, children’s fiction, blogs, etc. My library card is going to get a good work out. I’ve always been an avid reader but I need re-dedicate myself to this. The only way for me to become a better writer is to read more and write everyday. I will be writing pieces for the Zeke and Kami story, some short stories with a 2000 to 5000 word limit. I have to improve my craft and save up to leave the corporate world someday soon. I have to work on feeling better about myself and focusing on my goal. I need to become an independent woman who writes for a living. I may have to write for peanuts at the awesome local Folio Weekly. I write because my overactive imagination has so many crazy ideas and I need to get them out. Now if I can get my ADHD under control in a year I can and will do this the countdown begins.