Occupy what: musings of an “overqualified” person.

On occasion my close friends and I will talk about the occupy Wall Street movement.  I would love to say the jobs are out there but the truth is when you have college degree nobody wants to hire you. I’m guessing becuase the employer is scared you’ll be smarter than them. I know people with or without degrees don’t want to work certain jobs but please get the “It’s job NOT a career job”.  It’s hard a heck to find a job. I’m a writer and I majored in electronic media, tv, radio and internet. What happened? You ask. I realized that it was boring and television news is slow to get new information and I get nevrous in front of the camera but I will try my hand at Vlogging. I can find information weeks before it’s on the news and then to see “the latest Youtube Sensation” that’s been blowing up Youtube for a month treated as if  it’s new is lame.

My dream job is to publish my own novels my way. I want to control my stories not have someone else control it for me.  I might become famous and I might just be a indie author with a small following for zombie and monster novels in a fairytale setting. It might sound lame but I love the idea and I have write and re-write but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the long run.


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