Aisha Tyler rocks!

So Aisha Tyler is comedienne and some people find her funny and some don’t find her too funny.  I identify with her a black chick that was made fun because other kids said I talked white. I identify with her for those reason b/c I’m 5″3 with big boobs and butt, so I’d be her munchkin friend.  People rank on her because she talks about being black but I’ve listened to “Aisha Tyler is Lit”; she doesn’t talk about being black that much but what’s she supposed to do pretend she’s NOT black.   Now what I just said people e will say that’s what she’s doing but seriously that’s not the case.bAisha is just being herself and she’s smart and that’s awesome.  Every black women doesn’t act the same way.  For every person that’s a stereotype, there a lot of people who defy the stereotypes and break the mold.


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