Tweens and Young teens posting “Am I pretty videos” Online

I just heard about this trend yesterday.  Teenage girls always fish for compliments but if you’re self-worth is in the physical looks department, that’s sad. People on the internet are vicious because even with picture we’re sitting a computer screen saying things we would never say to someone’s face.  I’m not going to give the BS of “everyone’s beautiful” because everyone isn’t beautiful. I know that’s cold but it’s true.  Love yourself for who you are today!  So what if kids at school think you’re weird or not pretty! Some  people peak and are the prettiest and happiest they will ever be in their formative years; while the people who were weird might do better or become Swans.  I’m weird and adulthood is a struggle because I’m still weird and goofy but I’m a good person who is flawed. Young girls will always look up to celebrities but that world is fake. 

It’s okay to be intrigued by celebrities and the glamorous life but would you want photographers following you and people asking about personal aspects of your life? Kim Kardashian might have the fame new but in a few years someone else prettier will come along. Don’t look up to celebrities because we don’t know what these people go through and I doubt it’s easy for Kim Kardashian.


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