Excuses, excuses

I was cleaning out my closet and I came across quite a few goals I had for the past 7 years and some I’d accomplished over and over and some I’ve never come close to achieving.  My most important goal is 7 years old and quite sad that I’ve never achieved it. I’ve graduated college with a degree in communications before I turned 30 and I’ve paid off credit cards countless times but I still have net to move out of my folks house.

I wake up every morning and I see the same four walls I’ve gazed at when I was lazy 5th grader. I must go balls to the wall this year. I understand it’ll be hard but that’s life.  I’ve made some many excuses for not moving out but honestly I need to NOT speak of the deadline and just be proactive.  I know people who blame ADHD  when they are just lazy, these are people I know personally BTW.  Nobody wants excuses because everyone has one, people want actions not what you could’ve, would’ve or should’ve done.  The past is something we can’t change but we can change our future. NatashaGlitter signing off.


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