The lack of decent books to read.

2012 by Natasha Social media loves to call this so-called new barrage of young adult vampire novels a trend. The shelves at Barnes and Noble, Target and other stores are loaded with vampire novels, zombie novels and other supernatural books. How is this a trend? These types have been written for years; especially young adult novels. People should realize that many writers have the similar ideas. DO I like “Twilight”? Nope. I love vampires with a little or lot of blood. My choice of zombie novels are humorous but with gore. I’ve always loved Christopher Pike novels and he’s definitely someone who would not get any plat with 12-18 demographic because his books are 300 pages stop but if you have’t read “The Last Vampire” series or “Remember Me” series check it out. He has a way of storytelling that’s really great and his adult novels are often tragedies, like Shakespeare, read “The Cold One” and “Season of Passage”. In the world of novels it’s about great storytelling, well-developed characters and not repeating how gorgeous a character looks. Female authors are notorious for doing for breaking this writer commandment. I’m writing a few stories and novels and I always look for what I can do better. Will I ever become famous? I don’t know but I’m going to write under pen name because despite my having a blog. I enjoy my privacy.


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