How I took 10 years to finish college or my descent into slackerville.

I will begin by saying I graduated college after 10 years because I’m a slacker by heart. I worked while I was in college and I had to retake classes which made feel dumb. I’d think to myself “Why do I have to work and these mofo parents pay for everything?”. Now I know I should’ve appreciated that I earned a paycheck and  it was  my money but it missed me off. I’m crappy at taking tests and I procrastinate so much it’s almost an art form. I will begin my decent into slackerville.

Let’s begin when I was 19 I had no real ambition besides writing stories about vampires and zombie. These stories were love stories that involved tortured souls and cannibalism. I think the concept is awesome but I have lots of composition books filled with outlines and a flash with 4 versions of the 4 different stories. I don’t when I lost my way but I college made me feel dumb. My worth was measured my letter and I had to re-take classes which sucked. I dropped out of college twice vowing never to go back  but dammit I got a student loans and I had to finish school. At my  job everyone assumed that I loved school but I hate school.  I enjoy learning new information because I love knowledge but I hate projects and tests.  I hate work to feel like work.

I feel like I served my time being yelled at over crap I can’t control and being told what I need to change about my self for others. I’m going reach my goal of publishing my stories on I’m not a genius but I feel those of us with  common sense should be more respected in this world but I’m asking way too much of society. Despite the fact that I’m slacker in real life; I have an amazing work ethic. I’m never late and i work hard but I feel it’s for nothing and I’m unfulfilled in my life.

BTW my new point of this blog is about my journey through this next few years and if I’ll find meaning in my life.


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