Setting goals and other things.

I finally wrote out five year plan for myself. Five years seems like a long time but being a grown woman with bills causes time to fly by real quick.  I’ve decided to not fear looking at my credit card balance and look at it and set up unofficial 3 to 5 year plan to pay it off. In five years I plan on being in another position or a completely different company so I don’t know how much I’ll make but the plan is a start. If I could pay all my bills with one paycheck that’s be great but that won’t happen anytime soon. I’ve got to draft a another plan for Visa and my student loans. I have 8 years left on the  students loans but I have to pay those of sooner. Being in debt means the companies own you until you pay them off. I actually work for my the company that gave me my student loans and Visa. I got the Visa in 2002 and got the student loan back in 2005, then another in 2008 and 2009. My debt really isn’tas bad as others but it’s debt and I don’t like it at all. Suze Orman would either be disappointed in me or glad I’m getting back on track.

I watch Suze Orman which means I know better and I let myself  get in the jacked up situation. I’ve never ever missed payments on any of my bills but it’s sad that I got into  this sitch but I’m not just planning now, I’m putting a ACTION PLAN into effect.  I’m not trying to be deep but being in debt makes you a slave to the companies or  people you owe money and it’s like shackles.  Now my five year plan has a “in case crap happens” part as well because God probably has some serious challenges for  in the 3 to 5 years.


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