Another 4am rant

I deep down inside love a lot of different information. I don’t discriminate when it comes to learning new things.  It seems most are content with staying in their little bubble, that being said I’m not a well traveled person my any means. I have friends who’ve been to Europe and some have this “I’m better that you attitude because I have passport and dammit I’ve used it! Look at the stamps!” I don’t know maybe it’s because I live in Florida and everyone is trying to break the country bumpkin stereotype, well not everyone, there asre people like me who care very little what others think. Of course I pay my own bills and motto is “I pay my own bills let me have fun.” I don’t drink because it doesn’t interest and I do think it’s kind of lame to brag about how drunk you were at anytime in your life.

The best days in you life are yet to come. I really hope this is true. My 20s weren’t too bad but my 30s will be way better. I’ve decided to not be stuck in my life anywhere. Why should I? I’m not married yet and I don’t have kids and I don’t want kids even though I actually like kids. I want to travel the world even if it’s a for a vacation. I write stories and I’m thinking travelling will help my creativity. I’m not trying to impress anyone unless it’s a job interview. This why customer services jobs, anything where you work either public be it over the phone or face to face you’re basically trying to be nicer than you normally are to people you don’t know. People assume you’re really friendly when you keep to yourself. That’s how I am becuae even though I talk alot I’m just doing it to be socialble and b/c I starting talking @ 4 becuase I didn’t care to talk to people. I really don’t care to know but how else are you supposed to find out new things from other people that’s not through text, email, social networking or instant messenger? People write in journal and I mean a real journal not online. People learn how to talk and let’s not try to look pissed off half the time.



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