What if it’s all a dream?

Sometimes I wonder if my whole life is just a dream.  What if one morning I’ll wake up and I’m an old lady and I was dreaming for 2 hours but my dream was 31 years of my life? What if there a multiverse where I’m wicked awesome and not a socially awkward 31-year-old who  talks a lot out nervousness and not out of friendliness? What in another universe I never existed and everyone’s lives were slightly better without me but they felt like a loveable goofball was missing?  What-if’s are interesting if I’d went to college right out of high school and quit my 2nd job I wouldn’t have met most of the people I know today. The job currently have is learning experience but t’s time to find the next level.  Enough of me thinking and dreaming it’s time to start living. I want to at least travel the world for a year and no worries or cares, first I have to pay off all my debts. It’s time. It’s time.


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