Motivation and Passion

Well, I must find a part-time job. If only I had written articles in college instead of papers. I was too scared to write anything for the paper. Some would say I’m not passionate enough and that writers should write anything that’s handed to them but it doesn’t always work that way. It’s like watching American Idol when one of the judges tells a contest to sing a song that’s for soprano and the singer has low voice. I feel like I could write a paranormal romance but my relationships have been awkward and unhealthy.  I guess I can work with what I know. Don’t worry it’s not gonna be a creepy stalker romance. If I told upon our first meeting he wanted to a. kill me b. sleep with me c. marry me, I would run, by the way the last two have actually happened to me and it was awkward.

It’s not that I don’t want a second job because I actually do but I’m scared I’ll be crappy waitress. I was a cashier for 10 years so I know about carding for alcohol and cigarettes. I have a very expressive face people. What’s that have to do with the price of apples in China Natasha? You ask. Well, I suffer from both resting bitchface and eye rolling. I know I’m not better that anyone else but it’s hard to find even a part-time job with bachelors degree. I would love to freelance write but as I said early I don’t have a thing written, well a little written. I have quite a few unwritten pieces. Plus I want to write fiction and being a black writer everyone wants you write about being black. Being black is WHAT I am not WHO I am.  Doesn’t the world want a heroine who is cookie cutter? There’s room for urban romance with geeky, suburban black chick dating a goofy white guy who’s cool but not super cool  oh and there’s some supernatural element. I mean they’re supposed to save the world but they’re rather drink smoothies at a fro-yo shop but eventually they change their ways but which way are they going? Heck they don’t know and neither do I eye.



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