What aliens would think of humans if they only studied the internet.

If you were a space alien and you studied earthlings but decided instead of visiting or invading Earth you decided to study Earthlings you’d study the internet you’d come back with  many findings about earthlings they’d be the following list.

What Aliens Would Learn About Humans From the Internet

1.  They hate everything! There are thousands of sites where people hate their jobs and companies and other people, as though being angry and bitter is badge of honor  *

2.  They like going on sex sites and brag about sex but are probably really boring people b/c nobody cares about your sex life.

3. They like cute little animal videos on YouTube. This might keep the aliens from killing us. “Look Morty they love the fur balls that we like to eat!” That’s a little A.L.F.

4. They like to point out others differences and flaws but fail to see their own flaws.

5. They think Earth is the planet lacking intelligent life. I don’t mean those who were the best students in school but people who have uncommon sense.

  What if we’re really the aliens? I’m just saying. Deep thoughts.








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