Geeky immortal characters

I went to see “X-Men Future Past” last night and it made me think about the story I’ve been forever. Why is immortals in stories or movies are always attractive and all around perfect?  Come on people!  Somewhere in literature there’s a misfit immortal who’s awkward and gets turned down when she asks that cute immortal guy on a date. “I’m sorry Sophia but I don’t date winged immortals with forever brace face”  James said to Sheri. Sheri’s little elven ears burned. Immortals are all cool and tortured or cool and fierce.

Seriously there’s probably a group of readers interested in a geeky immortal dealing with trials and tribulations of those awkward years as a supercentenarian, when someone is over 110 years old.  I’ve got more ideas but loathe the idea of writing a trilogy. I want to tell the story in one book or a series of short stories. Awkward 116 year old immortals. I think it’s an awesome idea for a story because even immortals have douchebags. That’s blog kiddies.


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