You’re Past Your Expiration Date or why I’m 33 and not married

I’m  33, black, single and childfree by choice. I’m a black unicorn because this is rarity to many people.  At the moment I’m childfree and not trying to get pregnant. This saddens some people. It’s almost like they wait to say “You’re wasting good eggs.” Now I’ve always thought to myself if I had kids they’d be wicked awesome and cute as Hell. Whether or not they’d be well behaved I hope so. I’m not much for yelling but maybe spanking but I don’t kids change everything. I’m currently not in relationship and I’m trying to avoid booty calls and FWBs. Those suck in the end. I’m worth more than that. I tend to wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts or maxi dresses. I have curves and I hope that I don’t give off a desperate vibe but being childfree woman makes you a hot commodity in the dating world but again I currently live the rents so yeah good luck for me. 

I think the idea of being in love is great but it’s hard. I mean I must meet a man who loves me for me and I must be attracted to him as well. Okay sounds easy enough but somehow I’m supposed to not give up my cookies within two dates, no hard since I pretty much know what vibe I get from a guy after two meetings. How would I even know if some guy loves me back? Seriously I’m crappy with signs so I don’t know. I’ve never had a Valentine. I don’t put out fast enough and if a that’s all a guy wants from me than he’s not worth my time.  Being lonely sucks but I’m making new friends. I’m not going to settle for the first guy that shows super interest in me as a person. If here one more person say “Don’t you want kids?”, “Don’t you wanna get married because men don’t want you after 33?”.  Thanks for the encouraging words people.

I would love to get married but I’m not gonna trap some guy by getting pregnant or settling for some guy who feels bad for me. I don’t like it when guys try to mack on a woman. I’m sorry I have boundaries and in the words of Sting “Don’t stand so close to me.” I’ve had internet blind dates who tried to hug me on the first date and I was pretty cold because I’m not a hugger. If I’m attracted to a guy it’s obvious because I can’t hide it. Hint I’ll smile way too much and I suffer from resting bitchface.

I’m not against love or marriage but I know me and I want a man who wants to know me as well and not just get my panties. I want someone where he won’t be all weird about me meeting his parents and I won’t be weird about him meeting mine. I don’t want to be asked a thousand times why I’m not married. Because I’m a weird ass chick looking for a cute, tallish pale guy who’s a little weird but normal. I want a guy who people will look us and say “Look there’s someone out there for everyone.” Because I believe he’s out there and I can wait to meet him. I’ve just learned how to love me and I’m not gonna try to make the world love me.


4 thoughts on “You’re Past Your Expiration Date or why I’m 33 and not married

  1. They say men don’t want you after 33? That’s horrible….one of my friends has just turned 33 and since she was 18 her parents were pressuring her to get married (which she just shrugs off cuz she’s too awesome to care)…but once she turned 25 they stopped, and their reasons were “oh you’re past your best baby making years so no man would want you now” *raeg*.

    • People tell me I should be looking for a husband but when it happens it’ll happen on my terms. I think people want me be to desperate and sad. They want me to eat pints of ice cream.

      • That’s so annoying! Some people prefer to be single and for those of us who want to get married someday, “someday” doesn’t mean “right now OMG I’m so desperate and unhappeeeeee!”

      • Exactly. There are some people who love finding themselves while in a relationship and that’s weird to me. I want know myself to try not to get wrapped up in something that isn’t right for me. If I get married in a few years that’s fine. I won’t my first marriage to my last but you never. Some people are crappy at marriage and should have life partner.

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