Horror movies

I kind of like to think of myself as a horror movie aficionado. I prefer bloody slasher movies; you know the ones where the dumb chick runs into the woods or the dark basement that has broken light and chopped to bits. I like those movies even the silly ones where the only the virgins survive. Anyway there’s a trend that I hope has been noticed in horror movies a trend so Captain Obvious Stevie Wonder could see. What’s this trend you ask? The cool teens or cool adults all going to some big dance or wedding where zombies show and of the only people that save everyone of the “losers” who can’t get a date or weren’t invited.

The so-called “losers” are the ones who seen horror movies and know avoid the infected and what causes the infection. The losers sometimes end up saving the day and sometimes they don’t but they tried. Horror movies strike a cord with some people because we know life doesn’t always endings or the happy endings aren’t traditional.


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