Bright Color Hair and Struggle

So I have worn my hair a plethora of ways, straight, braids, box braids, weaves and with purple in them. I love the colors purple and hot pink together. What can I say I’m a child of the 1980s’. Bright, unnatural hair colors are deemed unprofessional for the corporate world because you can’t be a professional with purple, pink and black hair. Since you are billboard and just by looking a me you know my life story. You know because I talk “white” and grew up in a household with parents who’ve been married  for over 30 years and live in the suburbs means I’ve never struggled. Pretty much every person I grew up with was spoiled in some shape or form. I got POS ’82 Buick Skyhawk (Google it) when I was 16 and drove it until it died four days before my high school graduation and then four months later my mom sacrificed her money to buy a ’86 Volvo. Looking back on it the Volvo was ugly but if I’d treated it better I would’ve had from ’99 to at least 2006 instead of buying a crappy ’99 Ford Escort in 2002. I’ve bought my last three cars on my own and I’ve always bought better than the last.  I work hard for my money and sure Dad or Mom will loan me $30 if I need it but I always pay them back.

My parents have helped me through thick and thin when I was that weird kid who didn’t speak unless spoken to but was made fun my the dumbass kids in school, granted eighth grade was by super weird year that’d I basically don’t even mention that year. I was born three months early and the doctors told my parents I wouldn’t make it four days old but here I am 33 years later, jokes on them. When I was 18 months old my parents noticed my head was getting bigger and took me to a doctor who told them to take me to a neurologist who diagnosed with hydrocephalus, water on the brain  and I have a VP shunt  but that’s another blog.  A teacher, who I’d love to love name but I’m not going to stoop such a level, told me my senior year of high school that I shouldn’t attend college. This was an SLD teacher BTW. SLD stands for Specific Learning Disability mine’s in math and kids were cruel and called SLD kids dumb. I guess you can I was bullied a lot growing up and that crap doesn’t change as adult but I’m gonna keep it moving because I know I’m here for a reason. I don’t relish on the people who made fun of ill fate as a matter of fact when I see them that’s childish. I’m an adult who is good person. It hurts my heart about anyone killing themselves because they’re made fun  of or “different”. I’ve considered it myself and figure “Who’d miss me and who’d care?” But I know people would miss me and suddenly and emotional pain hurts just as bad a physical. Unfortunately in the black community especially on the religious side depression is called a “spirit” and you can pray to God about it  but hey I need God and someone to talk to when I’m down.


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