So, writing fiction is pretty interesting because the more I write to more  anxious I feel. I have good friend I bounce off my plot for my yet untitled story.  Will I make my main character a pretty, young black woman, yes and no. She’ll look like she’s 21 but she’s 99 year old immortal with imperfections. She’ll have insecurities and be an angsty adult because seriously if you were 99 and living with your older sister and millennium old parents wouldn’t you be?   I drawing from experiences and basing bits and pieces characters on the personalities of people I know. I grew up in north Florida so my story will be set in alternate version of north Florida.

Writing black characters is tricky because if you write a back villain it’s bad and black women can’t be sexy because the whole Jezebel thing, sorry I’m writing fancy and if the villains  can be any race but their race won’t factor into WHY they’re a villain. Maybe the villains’ was one of those people who never let go of being made fun of by others. As most people know I feel the term bullied is way too overused. I’ve written 43 pages, exactly 8700 words but writing the outline helps. I’ve already found my favorite main characters and I promise I won’t kill them off but I can’t promise others won’t die just sayin’. Random people like the story so far but immortality,humans, monsters but no werewolves or vamps, maybe zombies but someone will have special powers .  Oh and about the special powers everyone won’t have them because then the powers wouldn’t be special.


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