What would you do if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?

I have a magnet that reads “What you do if knew you couldn’t fail?”.  I’d finish my novel like a boss and pay some to edit that ish and send it off to get the inevitable 30  rejection letters. I’ll frame those letters for inspiration. I would move out of my folks house and to the ever so  inviting hipster side of town. Oh and if my hair would die a quick painful death I’d bleach my hair and dye it ombre fuchsia. My soul is that of a writer. I have crazy ideas and I’ve written crazy little short stories. I believe that everyone has a story to tell.  My story is pretty simple it’s really boring at times but TV would make it hard core drama.

In the words of Steve Martin from The Jerk “I was born a poor black child”. Okay part of that is true,I’m black but my family is middle class and I was spoiled and am still spoiled to an extent. People tend to ask me “What bills do you have?” my answer is “None of your business”. Just because someone’s life seems charmed because they have a supportive family doesn’t mean they didn’t have some sort of struggle. It’s hard for me to make friends but I’ve met a few people I feel comfortable telling my problems and I can call friend. I have a love/hate relationship with having true friends. A true friend encourages you when it’s appropriate but also kicks you in the ass and says “Don’t be stupid because you KNOW better.”  Sorry for the randomness of this blog post.




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