Idea bombs


I’ve decided to take the story I’m writing in slightly new direction. The characters in my story will older in years but have the appearance people between the ages of 19-35. I won’t say too much but my best knows more about the story I’m writing than anyone else does. I’m torn between the backlash of glittering vampires and how vampires are sexy and crap. I feel like Rodney King with what I’m so say but why can’t we all just get along? There’s room in this writer’s market for those who love sappy romantic vampires and there’s room those who vamps that’ll rip your throat out without a care.

I personally like a little bit of glitter with my gore. I know I’m not the only person wants a story that is strange and funny with a little gore and glitter. I’m quite squeamish and horror movies tend to give me nightmares so I’m not sure why I write the stuff but my stories aren’t really scary. I mean in one story I’m writing the main character is young woman trying to grow up after years of subconsciously needing the approval of others when she made decisions.  I prefer stories where the heroine is reluctant to save the world all the way through the story. I would love to tell you guys more but I don’t want to give away the story that I’m still writing.


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