Writer’s life: Am I a REAL Writer?

I write stories and I have a crazy imagination. I can come up with a scenario rather quickly when given an idea on the spot. Today at my new job we had to come up with a skit in and in less than a minute I had a whole scene that relayed to my co-workers. I work in a call center that’s super conservative so no pink hair and creativity but I unfortunately know how to do what I’m told. I’ve always done what I was told. I’m not itchy to become a good girl gone bad but it’s annoying to not have “fun fun”. I write stories that I’m sure goody two shoes will identify with.

I’m an unpublished writer. I haven’t ever published a damn thing in my life. If I didn’t have student loans and other bills I’d live the life of writer but I have no idea I how to sell my work. I’ve found my creative juices flow when I daydream. I thought about writing a novel but I’m way too ADHD for a novel. I’m breaking my story about Kami and Zeke into a series of short novellas. It’s kind of an unromance urban fantasy. Kami and Zeke are dating but it’s on and off for decades. It’s about starting out your live with all the love in the world and having something horrible happen to you and being shunned by those who you thought loved you. It’s got a little fantasy and blood but mainly it’s just going to be series of short stories about a few main characters and their journey to find themselves. .

I believe everyone has a story to tell and I’m definitely not the best writer out there but I have story that someone likes. I’m not a “Fifty Shades of Grey” type writer and I believe that E-books are the way for indie writers to get their stories out. As a black female writer the only thing  holding me back  is me by not finishing this story.  My question to myself is am I a writer? Yes.


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