Zeke and Kami, oh and writing

I know I’m tired of dwelling on past mistakes but even more tired of making them as well. I know I’m going to need to pray hard to God for me to make the right decisions. I’m a huge procrastinator and when I ever I have an amazing idea for the novella I’m  daydreaming. I’ve created what I feel is an amazing world of fantasy and I’m scared to put it on there for the world to read and tear apart. I’d love to able to run around with crazy hair colors and have a healthy dose of work and life stress.  I relish in creating an amazing fantasy world where black people can be just as other races in books. Usually black characters are always cool ,except maybe in kids novels.  The reality is there a lot more black nerds, blerds, in the world than novels and t.v. care to mention. I want world as black female that all strange and unusual people can read a book and say to themselves, “I identify with the feelings of alienation and being forced to conform in society.”

Writing about Zeke and Kami has helped me pinpoint all the times I have felt left out in my life. It’s helped me think about the good and bad experiences I’ve had in my life and I’ve added those experiences into the store. I’ve told my friends about the story and I’ve lft a few people read what I’ve written so far. I know I’ve fallen in love with these characters but I’m making their lives peaches and cream. Kami’s black fairy that’s immortal , appears to be in her 20s and Zeke is redheaded white guy is just a regular immortal who can read minds. That’s all I’m giving you kiddies.


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