I Wish I Could Back To College

I Wish I Could Back to College is song from the play Avenue Q. I thought about this hard and seriously recently and I while I have a bachelors’ degree in electronic media; I realized I wasn’t fit for that career. I did take a few classes in public relations and while I did find it interesting I was so busy taking filler electives when I should’ve just double majored in electronic media and public relations. That is water under the bridge but I’ve been very interested in PR. I know that my two PR electives and one advertising class probably won’t give me a boost in the PR field. My current employer doesn’t pay for PR degrees. I have only one two choices. Stick with what I’m doing or take a HUGE risk and go back college. It will more than likely take me year or so to finish.

I feel terrible because I prayed to God really hard but I should’ve asked for something else. I don’t feel any job is beneath but I’m selling myself short. I’ve almost always sold myself short. I tend to feel that I’m not good enough or deserving enough for good things to happen for me. I feel like I’m not worthy of a good guy and settle or I’m not good enough for a job that’s not customer service. I want to get rid of that Natasha. The Natasha who’s scared to make almost straight A’s  because people will know she’s mart and can succeed. The Natasha is who’s scared to move out of her parents house because she’s scared to fail. I’m not going to be that Natasha. If I leave my job for school it’s not to run away it’s because I know I need more skills and an internship to get the job done. I’ll give you kiddies an update in a few months on my decision.


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