Communications ain’t that one dem phony majors?

For those familiar with my blog I majored in communications, electronic media to be exact. The title of my blog stems from the fact that grew up in North Florida. People are nice here but a whole lot of country. I have a bad short term memory which means I can’t remember steps very well it’s horrible.  I chose electronic media because I talk a lot and I normally have the inside scoop. Unfortunately I get really stiff in front of the camera; as it turns out I’m shy. I’m afraid to create a YouTube channel because people are cruel and heartless, I’m scared to put myself out there in such a way. Oh and I know what you’re thinking but Natasha you’ve got a blog? Yes I enjoy writing so I figure some likes the tiny musings of thirty something who lives with her folks.

So communications majors are often viewed as slackers who are crappy with math. Point # 1 I’m have learning disability in math. It’s horrible because it makes feel horrible. I avoided math most of my college career.  I took remedial math and failed  algebra. I seriously tried even with a tutor.  It was horrible I had to tell the community college about my learning disability and get tested over spring break 2002.  I was free from math until I had to take statistics at my university.  BTW I failed statistics the first time and with the aid of my learning disability being on file I was given a longer to take exams and quizzes. I passed with a “C” but I’d learned the TI-83 calculator I would’ve made a “B”.  I wasn’t really a slacker, I’m filled with self-doubt. People telling me that I wasted my degree. Well you know what forget them I’m going to be using bachelors by June 2015 with a career I love!


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