I’m The Worst to Myself

Oh my. I’ve speaking so much negativity into my own life since I started my new job. If I’d kept the same positive attitude and focus from before I set foot in the building I would feel better.  I’m sure it’s because I have a bachelors’ degree that I’m finally realizing four years after earning it I need to use it. My question is how can I use? I don’t have portfolio of stories or pieces I’ve written. I had one internship my last semester of college at the local news station. I don’t know how to get myself out there to get the dream job. I’m not meant to be chained to a desk six to eight hours a day! I need some serious help but bills suck.  In a year I will hopefully be in an even better position period. I’m so tired of being stuck in a rut. Dating sucks. I’m down in the dumps but talking to my bestie, talking to my mom ,reading selected Bible versesand listening to Joel Osteen on XM radio helps. I’ve got to work at this and my life will get better.


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