Gone Girl and Missing Persons

I went with my bestie to see Gone Girl even though I haven’t finished the book yet but it was really good. I’ve read Dark Places  also by Gillian Flynn even though I don’t agree with Charlize Theron being cast a Libby Day but it’ll probably work. The movie Gone Girl was really good and I love that Flynn writes characters that are unlikable. In movie Amazing Amy Dunne is portrayed as having admirers but her high school boyfriend was a kind of crazy.  The husband, Nick Dunne, wasn’t likeable in the book or the movie.  It’s rare if a writer creates characters’, especially main characters, that aren’t likeable.

The movie points out how the media will demonize a person at the drop of the hat. I majored in communications and the medias goal is find a villain and pounce. There’s the perfect type of missing person. A young child goes missing and BAM! It’s on the news for a day or two. What I’m about to type will piss people off but it’s true. If a missing person is a cute child, usually white, then bam it’ll be on the news FOREVER. I’m joking about the forever part. I interned at a local news station and  every day we’d go to the police station to check out blotter A.K.A. the police reports. One day the young reporter I was worker with and dove into the police reports when I found a crazy hatchet attack; her little blonde head perked up and said “Oh a missing person!” My eyes grew large and I said “Really?” but her smile quickly disappeared and she said “EH but she’s 24 back in the file.”

A missing person is a perfect storm to get on the national news you have some great family members clamoring for press.  If I went missing would it make the news? Probably not. I believe some missing people who are adults just want to run away from it all.  They know that after a while press will die down and they’ll be an afterthought. Of course they’d have to live a cash only lifestyle and live off the grid which they’d have to prepare for months in advance.  A person in hiding is more likely to be victim of crime because they couldn’t report the crime to the police. I guess my point is Gone Girl made me think about how every adult has wanted to run away from it all and start a new life. Has anyone every wanted to just run away from it all?


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