Things to Live For

So I’ve been having crazy emotional ups and downs for the past month because I started my new job. Today wasn’t the worst day ever because God keeps looking out for me even though I don’t deserve since I only remember Matthew 7:6-7. Matthew 7:7 is the Bible verse I meditated on that verse when I was praying for a new job. I will continue to pray on that verse until something new happens. I know I have a lot to live for, family and my few friends who know me and some who understand me. I feel like karma is biting me in the butt for being a biatch to some many undeserving people because I was angry. I just want to “God I get it! That’s I’m good. Can a nice guy find me and love me for me? Oh it would hurt if he’s a cute redhead, with a good job and is taller than my 5″3″.  Can a great amazing job find me?” Just do me a solid God.


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