Writer’s Life and I Don’t Have A Portfolio

As a writer who desperately wants to finish the whole Kami and Zeke story but doesn’t want it to suck I’ve read a lot about what editors don’t want in a story. Epilogues are a big no-no. I remember loving epilogues as a child reading Christopher Pike books but now not so much. Having the story begin with a dream is no-no and for the love of cheese don’t end with a dream. I pondered ending with a dream but that’s just lazy writing.

I don’t know if I’m ready for the life of struggling artist. I’ve dealt with rejection at work and if life but I’m scared. My life has been filled with fear since I became an adult. I’ve felt rejection but I’m still scared of rejection and losing everything. I don’t have much. I have car loan, a personal loan, credit card debt and student loans. I have good credit and I don’t want to lose my good standing but risking it all to write a story that I don’t even know if people will like or love. I want to move out in March 2015 so I need to save my pennies and not waste any money but leaving a good job to write is mad isn’t it? I don’t have a portfolio of work. I’ve never written an article or been published. Would it be dumb to have plan to just leave corporate America to write? I have bills and I can save up money and of course cut way back on expenses to save up. Debt, fear of failing and scared people hating my story is holding me back AND OH FINISHING KAMI AND ZEKE, having it professionally edited. I don’t know I write almost anywhere except on the work computer. I’ll be 34 on 10/28 but I still don’t want to disappoint my mom if  I were to leave a job to chase a dream.


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