My Birthday Part 1

My birthday is tomorrow folks. I’ll be 34 years old and I still live with my folks. I will repeat I.Still.Live.With.My.Parents. I have never lived on my own, with a roomie, or a boyfriend. I know I need to be way frugal and start not only planning to move out but working on saving money. The last time I had a goal was months ago and that was to have a new, better paying job before my 34th birthday and God blessed me with my current job. He always gives something that when I get I question why he gave me a challenge but I ASKED for this job! I prayed for this. So I KNOW that as long as I pray and save He’ll bless me again but he’s already blessing me right now. I’ve had the move out my parents house goal for 10 years people. Now let that sink in 10 YEARS. I should have over $50,000 saved. I should own an amazing little house. Today is a new day and I can’t control too much in my life but I’m trying with my finances. So I’m just letting every know I will sometimes write about my moving out goal. Which is probably six months because the rental should be done. I’m scared to fail. So scared.

I know some people are reading this and think “Scared to fail? You’re almost 35 and you live with your parents. Mission accomplished.” Well, as I look around my bedroom and I know my fear is of growing up. I have less than 24 hours left at the age of 33. I know this year has been bumpy but I have new awesome best friend and I haven’t had a true friend in 15 years. I’m giving myself one year to finish the Zeke and Kami novella. I have to write three to five super short stories a month. I’m creative and I’m not meant for corporate America but when I’m ready to leave I don’t want to have super starving artiest struggle.  Tomorrow’s my day off so I’m gonna live my birthday up. I’ve always felt since I was a little kid I was destined for greatness and I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself.  Have great day my kiddies!


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