A Big Change is Coming

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and it was great. The older I get the less I care if I’m given gifts. I treated myself and dipped into my savings to buy a pair of shiny black Doc Martens and a Betsey Johnson purse. Those are my super splurges for myself this year. Next year my splurges will be my new place with roomie and hopefully a new laptop.  I enjoy my job but writing is my true passion and I LOVE Kami and Zeke so I want to devote time to crafting their story. It’s going to be a novella because I write pieces in small bites. I’ve based the characters on people I know personally and I’m working on creating the alternate universe that’s set in north Florida with characters that people will love and some they will at least love/hate. This next year will be some big changes and I won’t be married to a job but I will create the career I love. I am to free of a spirit to be tied down to a job.


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