Day # 1 The New Me

Today is a new day and for some reason at 34 I know what I want in my life. My career is not to be chained to a desk answer phone calls all day. I am a writer! I write strange stories about outcasts trying to achieve their purpose in their life or afterlife. I’m reading  everything I can: urban fantasy, mysteries, YA fiction, children’s fiction, blogs, etc. My library card is going to get a good work out. I’ve always been an avid reader but I need re-dedicate myself to this. The only way for me to become a better writer is to read more and write everyday. I will be writing pieces for the Zeke and Kami story, some short stories with a 2000 to 5000 word limit. I have to improve my craft and save up to leave the corporate world someday soon. I have to work on feeling better about myself and focusing on my goal. I need to become an independent woman who writes for a living. I may have to write for peanuts at the awesome local Folio Weekly. I write because my overactive imagination has so many crazy ideas and I need to get them out. Now if I can get my ADHD under control in a year I can and will do this the countdown begins.


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