Letting Defeat Be In Control

I made a mistake at work. I work for a credit union so there’s no room for mistakes. I get flustered when questioned and all in all it ruined my day. I am always scared at work. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was asleep for three hours when I woke up at 1 a.m.  So I watched “The Simpson’s” for bit and then I started talking to God. I don’t know why he put me in my job. I’m in fight or flat flight mode and I’m ready to fly when I should fight. If I can make it for another three months I’ll be okay. I’m scared again.  I feel like while I’m working I should save as much money as possible and to write as much as possible. If I can sell a few stories I know what’s up! I’m using writing prompts BTW. Wish me luck.


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