Moving out 2015

So my best friend and I are talking about becoming roommates in either spring or June of  2015. This will give us more than enough time to save up money and in my case pay of my credit cards and other debt. As some of you know from other blog posts I will pray fully be earning a living off selling my short fiction stories.  Of course I can’t quit my day job because that’s insane but hey I’m walking by faith in all areas of my life now. I’m telling you it’s scary but I’m going to be super thrifty to save and pay off my debt. After my credit cards are paid off I’m gonna kill the my other debt. With working on earning a living solely from writing stories and paying off my debts this is a serious faith year of faith living and trusting in God. I’d just to say that faith without works is dead so I’ve got to work at everything because God’s not gonna hand me what I want in life.


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