Write or Die Chick Part 2

I realize now that when you have no bills that you’re a free soul. You are the most you can be in your life. I had six months between when I graduated from college in April 2010 to October 2010 where I wasn’t really trying to find a job. My dad paid my bills for those six months and it sucked. I should’ve been writing but I was just slacking on the internet.  I had no idea about the e-book revolution and what opportunities are out there for writers. I’m working on being confident in writing because the goal is to let people know that everyone black American writer doesn’t have the same life experiences to incorporate in fiction. For instance I grew up in the suburbs so that’s what I know. I’m starting to get more comfortable writing about the human experience and supernatural fiction. I’m learning that when I set goals and actively work toward those goals I can achieve. My goal in April 2014 was to have a new better job before my 34th birthday. It happened now I have to work smarter. My passion is writing and even though my cookout short story is probably gonna be wrapped up in 10 pages. I just can’t make it 1000 words. Does this make me a bad writer. It’s just a pet project for me but I’m gonna submit it to contest. Wish me luck.


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