It’s All Been Done Before

I know most people believe we’re so original and cool. I watch YouTube videos of the crazy wedding proposals and almost 10 years ago the kids of Laguna Beach introduced the U.S. to prom date proposals.  The crazy wedding dances and the loopy kids after they wake from the laughing gas videos. Seriously this is old and it needs to be put to bed. It was cute and I used to be all mushy and be like, “Ahh I’d be pissed if my boyfriend did that crap!” I tend to keep to myself I wouldn’t want all the attention on me. I saw this video of this bride singing done the aisle and she sounded bad and it was just awkward. 

               One of my friends said to me “Natasha, everyone is special.”  I told her if everyone was special than being special would mean nothing. Maybe she meant everyone is special in their own way. Nowadays people try to be different and there are a handful of us look “normal” but are weird as Hell. Being weird isn’t a bad thing and being normal isn’t bad either. When people first meet they know I’m weird but I’m a good person. I judge people unfairly at times but I remember people judge saying I talk “white” and I’m black, I read for fun and write zombie stories. I have a thirst for knowledge and I know a lot of stuff and I say off the wall things and once you get to know me either love me or don’t like me.  I’m not going to be fake to obtain the adoration of people who in the end won’t be there for me. I will end this blog with be yourself whether you’re weird or normal, just do you.


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